Regional All-State will allow players who have been nominated to participate in the All-State Game to play in high-level competition. The players nominated during MVP events will have the opportunity to tryout for the “All Regional” team. DFW will host several tryouts in July in various locations across Texas. The regional teams will be assigned coaches and will play other in-state and out-of-state teams. Out-of-state teams may include Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and others.

Aug 10/11, 2019

Venue: Rowlett (8700 St. Andrews Lane Rowlett TX 75089)

House Rules

Pool Games


80 Minutes, Finish Batter

Must Bat Roster

Free Subs

6 Runs per Half Inning

Flip Home/Visitor

Bracket Games


Will Draw for Bracket

80 Minutes

Free Defensive Subs

6 Runs per Half Inning

Flip Home/Visitor

"If Game" is in Play

ITB for Bracket Games


1st ITB: Runner on 2nd, 2-Balls and 1-Strike Count

2nd ITB: Runners on 2nd and 3rd, 2-Balls and 1-Strike Count

3rd ITB: Bases Loaded, Full Count

Nomination Process

( 10u-14u Age groups only this year )

Tryouts dates and Times: TBA (July)

Tryouts will be Free

DFW Fastpitch and Assigned Coaches will pick Teams

Maximum three (3) players will come from any single team

We will form 1-3 teams per Age group

Players Awards

Individual Plaques

Coaches chosen for event will be awarded a Gift

Regional Tournament Format

4GG 2 non Seeded pool and Double elem

80 min Games

1st and 2nd place Rings

Regional All State Pics
State Competition

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee